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Troops in Texas… and they’re CHINESE!


Fellow blogger’s blog: Troops in Texas… and they’re CHINESE!

American fascism in the name of democracy is not very different from terrorism in the name of religion.

1) The United States (like all so called “Democracies”) has a sham of a Democracy

2) Most of America’s best allies are fascist governments

3) Why are they only spreading democracy in the Middle East? Why not spread the joy to the rest of the world if that is their first and foremost intention?

4) If terrorism is such a concern, why does the United States have a long history of funding terrorism around the world?

Arundhati Roy on Kashmir’s Independence


“India and Pakistan act as though Kashmir is a problem. But really, for them both, Kashmir is a solution. Kashmir is where they play their dirty games, and they don’t want to solve it because whenever they have internal problems, they can always pull this bunny out of the hat.”