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RACE Part III: Modern Day Racism


In this article, I will be focusing on the victimization of specific groups of people in various parts of the world, under the pretence of race in modern history. I will be looking at white supremacy and its impact on the United States, particularly on the Civil Rights Movement, and link it to the racial purification plans of the Nazi Party. I will also examine the atrocities the state of Israel carries out on Palestinians, behaving not very unlike the Nazis who tortured them.

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RACE Part II: European Racism in the Colonial Era


This article will address issue of European racism in the colonial era, specifically Anglo-Saxon racist ideology. I will be looking at the evolution of racism by Europeans, and how they were developed and implemented across their colonies in order to secure the economic and geopolitical bounty of “empire”. I will also focus on the Anglo-Saxon influence and race ideology in the foundation and running of the United States of America, and how racism was institutionalized in the country. Finally, I will touch upon how racial theories and practices abruptly changed after the wake of the Holocaust, which, for all its evil, was not unlike much of the colonial power’s practices abroad. Ultimately, the goal of this article is to really show how race, similar to religion, is an institution based on fiction, solely created to exacerbate exploitation and inequality.

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Race Issues


I just watched “The Help”, and have been inspired to put together a 3-part blog post on race relations shortly. They will be ordered chronologically, starting with European racism in the colonial era, post-colonial era, and currently.

The Help is an amazing movie, about black maids working in white households in Jackson, Mississippi during the 1960’s. It is based on a book of the same name, written by Kathryn Stockett, who was raised by a black maid. The movie is directed by Tate Taylor. Some of the stubborn, immature, ideological, abusive characters in the movie who advocate for the Jim Crow laws, or a “separate but equal” status for colored people really reminds me of modern-day Tea Party members: