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    • Absolutely true. However there are more radical Christians than there are atheists, especially in the political sphere. In addition, there are numerous radical Christians who anchor TV show segments and radio shows. This increases the amount of influence they have socially and politically.

      • And where do you base your conclusion that there are more radical Christians than there are atheists? In my opinion I’ve seen many more radical Atheists.

        In regards to the radical Televangelists, the newer generation won’t fall for the tricks and deception of an older generation. They simply ‘change the channel’.

        I am a passionate Christian, however I’m not about to begin defending the people who manipulate others for their own gain. As we look beyond the labels, Humanity can be so depressing to look at.

  1. I disagree with the notion that there are more radical atheists than radical Christians, especially since atheists only make up 1.6% of the population and Christians almost 78.4%*. I also don’t think you can ignore conservative Christians on TV who are sexist, racist bigots. The country is not comprised of merely “younger” generations, assuming, of course, that the younger generations simply ‘change the channel’, as you say.

    Nevertheless, I find radical Christians and radical Atheists equally frustrating, especially when they preach highly discriminatory discourse.


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