Top GOP Candidates


This year, the GOP has decided not to let anyone who exhibits even a smidgen of intelligence or honesty run. It is the race to the least vile and abhorrent. Amongst all the clowns, Gingrich and Perry take the cake. Huntsman has a very lackluster candidacy and seems like he should belong in the Democratic party, and Santorum is a hypocritical and loony Christian fanatic. I ultimately think that it will come down to Paul, who is suddenly being touted as some sort of hero and Romney, who will say anything to win. I will be outlining and comparing these two in this article.


Mitt Romney

Campaign stresses: Mitt is the exact OPPOSITE of Obama, in every which way. Also he should be elected because he has been married for 40 years. Super “moral”. And he has had experience, at Bain Capital, at creating disgusting amount of wealth for himself hundreds of jobs by dissolving other businesses.

He is desperate to win. He is overloading us with his silly YouTube and Hulu ads about how he should be president because he has been married for 40 years. He will say and do anything and everything to be president. He has changed many of his policies and beliefs, from universal healthcare to abortion, in order to appeal to conservatives, rich conservatives, to be sure. His presidency will only lead to increased deficit, increased American hegemony, increase of power to the already powerful by taking from the poor, and heightening of the global social and economic crises. Overuse of nonsensical nationalistic phrases like “I will never apologize for America”, “beacon of freedom”, “one nation under god” and “freedom and opportunity” make his intentions seem highly suspect; at least for the logical. His main tactic right now is bashing Obama. While I am no fan of Obama’s tenure as president, 2012 is about picking the lesser evil. Luckily, Obama does come across considerably more personable, intelligent and genuine.


Ron Paul

Campaign stresses: LIBERTY! REVOLUTION!

By this, he means minimal government interference in the lives of individuals. And corporations. Laws like the Sarbanes-Oxley and Dodd-Frank should not be imposed on corporations. The REVOLUTION, therefore, is to give corporations the LIBERTY to do whatever the hell they want. This is very REVOLUTIONARY, because currently companies are subjected to a lot of… Oh wait.

Adam Smith lived in the 18th century; he now lives amongst us in the 21st century through Ron Paul.  His recent popularity (especially amongst the youth) can be attributed to his seemingly fair and constant message about liberty. He believes that the free market embodies liberty, and treats the two as synonyms. It is apparently very just and democratic. This belief is used as a foundation by Paul to make decisions about everything. The natural enemy of the free market aka liberty is government (makes you question why he is running for a federal position). The government’s only job, according to Paul, should be to uphold the free market.

If history and current affairs have taught us anything, it is that capitalism and the “free-market” are fundamentally flawed. From household products to computers to energy, there are several examples of oligopolies. Ron Paul would attribute this to the supposed government intervention thus far. However, the banks and Wall Street companies that got the US into the current recession did so as a result of a lack of government intervention. The same goes for Enron. As for anger towards large businesses (specifically addressing OWS), Paul said that “we should avoid blaming businessmen who have gained wealth honestly”, but it is alright to be mad at the wealthy who became wealthy through government bailouts. Is he that naïve? The bailouts were given to the ones who were already wealthy and deceitful in the first place! He has no idea (or does not want to admit) what OWS is about – yes, people are frustrated, but they are not simply mad that Wall Street companies got bailouts (which is what he refers to). They are protesting against the economic system that is in place today, which has led to losses of jobs, benefits, and so on while 1% of the population owns over 40% of the nation’s wealth.

What Ron Paul does not understand is that many large businesses have an interest in keeping around government, even if they have to pay a taxes here and there or put up with some regulations. Who else would protect patents, trademarks, property and so on? How would companies like Lockheed Martin, DynCorp International, Washington Group International, Bechtel, Aegis Defence Services, Perini, Chevron, ExxonMobil, Parsons and hundreds of others make record profits without a large government that can wage war? So long as you have the capitalism that Ron Paul believes is just and fair, there will be an incentive to have a fairly strong government. You don’t have to look further than the Obama administration. For all of Obama’s sympathy for the OWS protesters, he has demonstrated and continues to demonstrate plenty of dedication for Wall Street and capitalism. What Ron Paul does not understand is that in a capitalist system, the government is representative of the powerful businessmen, NOT of the majority. If it was the other way, the unemployment and underemployment rates would not be so high. Mitt Romney gets this. That’s why he spends all his time brown nosing the right people.

Also, his campaign slogan is “revolution”. Is he kidding? Does he understand what a revolution is? Revolution: “A forcible overthrow of a government or social order for a new system”. In which world have revolutions occurred by electing a new president through the same system you want to overthrow?! Is making businesses the boss really a new system? I’m not sure if he is just delusional with his isolationist Tea Party-esque ideas or if this is just an easy way to get into office. Many people support him for his anti-war rhetoric, without really studying and understanding the crap he is spewing. While I am all for ending America’s hegemon and stopping wars, I highly doubt Ron Paul, if elected, with his love for capitalism and the free market would be able to do so. In fact, the leeway he would give companies to indulge in further heinous exploitation will lead to disaster.


The table below makes brief notes comparing the domestic, foreign and social policies of Ron Paul and Mitt Romney (according to analysis of their plans or what they have openly said). While I am disgusted by the notion that people vote for candidates due to their hateful and foolish “moral” beliefs, it is very clear that a candidate cannot even hope to win an election in this country without portraying themselves as being “true” to their Christian roots. Therefore, the moral beliefs of Romney and Paul are just as important as their views on most domestic and foreign issues (!)



Mitt Romney

Ron Paul


Tax breaks for rich, raise tax on low-income families Lower corporate tax rate to 15%. Extend all Bush tax cuts. Abolish Death Tax. End personal savings tax. In short, hates all taxes.


Lay off thousands of public sector workers 10% reduction in federal workforce, slash Congressional pay and perks


Economic plan shows he would add 6 trillion plus in deficits in 10 years Cut $1 trillion in spending in first year by eliminating Energy, HUD, Commerce, Interior and Education cabinet departments


Repeal the Affordable Care Act & Medicare Block-grants Medicaid and other welfare programs.

Social Security

Repeal Social Security is unconstitutional. Citizens < 25 will be allowed to opt out of the system


Shrink federal government to pre- Reagan era sizes Government-can-do-no-right. Repeal ObamaCare, Dodd-Frank and Sarbanes-Oxley. Limited government.


Acknowledges global warming, but tip toes around it as to not offend. Talks vaguely about energy independence and nuclear energy. However, opposes investments in new technologies that reduce oil use, and supports keeping huge tax breaks for big oil companies Global warming is a hoax. Energy exploration is not the business of government (as with everything else)

 Foreign Policy


Mitt Romney

Ron Paul


Palestinians = terrorists, in love with Israel. American involvement in Israel has apparently not helped Israel’s sovereignty. Therefore US should stop intervening in Israel’s matters

Muslim Middle East “Problem”

One of top threats America faces is that of Jihad and nuclear proliferation in the Middle East Poor US government decisions have led to problems in the Middle East. US should stay out of it

US Security

Wire tap mosques and newly immigrated Muslims in US, “double Guantanamo”, active involvement in Iraq, Afghanistan & Pakistan Securing borders should be the top national security priority. Avoid long land wars, and end Patriot Act


Raise military spending (to 4% of US GDP) “Eliminate waste” in military budget


Be a partner with China, but show them who’s boss using tariffs Fair and open trade with China. Should not carry out military or economic actions against the country and not allow China to do the same



Mitt Romney

Ron Paul


“God wants the US to lead, not follow” Love for god maintains lack of need of external government. Prayer in public schools should not be prohibited or compulsory.


Used to believe women should have the legal right to have abortions. Flip-flopped to become pro-fetus Strongly pro-fetus. Abortion = euthanasia.

Gay Marriage

Marriage is between a man and a woman Should not be controlled at the federal level, but rather at the state level (“supportive of all voluntary associations”)



New Hampshire Primary results:
  1. Mitt Romney: 39%
  2. Ron Paul: 23%
  3. Jon Huntsman: 17%
  4. Newt Gingrich: 9%
  5. Rick Santorum: 9%
  6. Rick Perry: 1%
Iowa Caucus results:
  1. Mitt Romney: 25%
  2. Rick Santorum: 25%
  3. Ron Paul: 21%
  4. Newt Gingrich: 13%
  5. Rick Perry: 10%
  6. Bachmann: 5%
  7. Jon Huntsman: 1%

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